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Northern NH Whitetail Deer Hunts   Whitetail deer is arguably the most hunted large game animal in North America. A deer hunt is steeped in tradition and the methods used to take a whitetail are as varied as the hunters who hunt them. Northern New Hampshire ’s Deer population is healthy but, the deer here remain an elusive and challenging animal to the most seasoned of hunters. The rewards can be great. Northern New Hampshire whitetail can be some of the most impressive of their species. A deer weighing over 200- pounds can be rewarding for those hunters with patience, skill, and a little bit of luck. Northern NH Guide Services takes into account this current climate of deer hunting in New Hampshire and are able to offer one exclusive hunt for up to four (4) hunters for four (4) days for the 2010 season. This hunt includes a guide actively assisting in the hunt, lodging, flexible hunting strategies such as; stand hunting, drives, and still hunts, dressing and removal of the deer, transportation to deer registration station, and assistance with butchering and taxidermy if needed. This exclusive deer hunt will be customized to the hunter’s needs and abilities. Methods All Whitetail Deer Hunts will be custom tailored to the clients needs. Hunting from stands, still hunting, drives and spot and stalk are all methods practiced at NNHGS. All hunts are 100% fair chase. Seasons The New Hampshire Deer Season begins September 15 with the fall archery season. Muzzleloader season begins in October  through November, followed by rifle season, ending early December, statewide. Fall Archery ends on December 15th. (Please see the  2011-2012 NH Hunting Digest for Antlered Only and Any Deer hunting restrictions) Hunters must have a valid NH resident/non-resident hunting license and deer tag for the method of deer you wish to take. Prices
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Guided Deer Hunts Northern NH Whitetail are some of the most elusive animals of the big game species. Are you up to the challenge?
2014 Whitetail Deer Hunt (Hunting Camp Experience) = $2600 4 Hunters for 4 Days. 2014 Whitetail Deer 2-Day Hunt = $1600 2 Hunters for 2 Days