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Welcome You have found one of the first and most successful guide services in New Hampshire. Northern New Hampshire Guide Services, LLP has been offering professionally guided and semi-guided hunts for over fourteen years for New Hampshire's most elusive big game; Moose, Black Bear, Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkey. We are NH's Moose Guides. Whether your a lucky lottery permit winner or an auction bidder, we specialize in the NH Moose hunt. ALL of our guides are from Northern New Hampshire. If you are looking for a NH licensed guide that can make it happen for you, Northern NH Guide Services is your NH guide service. Others services may imitate but, no other guide service has paved the way for professional, ethical and industry leading guided hunts in NH. We have been delivering memorable hunts to satisfied hunters for years. We pride ourselves on providing safe, fun, and bountiful hunts.
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Moose Hunters, Moose Season Starts

 Status of NH moose population and 2014 moose hunt

as Reported by the NH Fish & Game Website The status of New Hampshire's moose population has been getting a great deal of attention lately, as public awareness grows about the impact of winter tick and other challenges facing moose populations across the country. While New Hampshire's moose are facing some serious threats, they are not on the verge of disappearing. Some areas of the state have seen declines in moose numbers, however, in spite of moose permits being reduced from a total of 675 in 2007 to 275 during the 2012 and 2013 seasons. A three-year study began in 2014 to learn more about why these declines are occurring. How many permits will be issued in 2014? Because of the continued decline in moose numbers in some areas, the number of permits to be offered in the N.H. moose hunt lottery in 2014 and 2015 is likely to be reduced from 275 to 124. The decrease is designed to offset increased natural mortality and decreased reproduction and should allow the population to grow. Public comment on these and other proposed wildlife rules will be solicited at public hearings on March 31, April 2 and April 3. Click here for the proposed wildlife rules and hearing schedule. Improve your chances: While permit numbers will likely be reduced in 2014, your chance of being drawn and offered a permit in the lottery will be improved if you rank all wildlife management units on your application. You will have the option to decline a permit if drawn for a unit you prefer not to hunt.
2013 N.H. Moose Hunt Highlights: Largest bull: 920 lbs., (21 points, 55 inch spread, taken in WMU C2 by Greg Mendenhall of Florida Largest cow: 690 lbs., taken by Scott Crathern of Hopkinton in C2. Greatest antler spread: 62 inches, taken in C1 by Louis Gray of Washington State. Oldest successful hunter: John Morse Sr., 81 years young, took a bull in A2 weighing 650 lbs. Youngest hunter: Tyler Carson, age 10, took a 5- year old bull with a 42.5 inch antler spread in WMU C1.